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Wild Coast Hotel-Hopping Walk

Start: Qora River

Finish: Cintsa

Duration: a 6 day trail, 83 km (5 nights hotel accommodation with 4 days of hiking), but it can be shortened to accommodate your needs

Cost: depends on the size of the group, and the number of days (price includes hotel accommodation, a local guide, all meals as well as trail lunches, and a shuttle to and from East London airport)

Fitness: moderate, the gradient is easy and there are long beach sections; it’s more of a ramble with a bit of basic boulder hopping thrown in for good measure …. Read more

Summerstrand on the beachfront

Summerstrand is a popular suburb on the beachfront of Port Elizabeth in Nelson Mandela Bay. It was once an elite neighbourhood, home only to the affluent of the Friendly City. Now, however, it is the address of a melting pot of people from all over the world; particularly students, being located so close to the Nelson Mandela Municipality University (NMMU). At any given time, the suburb is abuzz with the local and international young and trendy.


The homes of Summerstrand are unique. Many of them have earned ‘mansion’ status, and their architecture is made all the more unique by their designers’ aiming to make the most of the views of the beach. Glass, Perspex and windows that occupy almost every possible angle characterise these houses, many of which have been converted into guesthouses and Bed & Breakfast establishments.


The beaches will certainly lure just about any tourist, as it does the locals. Beaches within the suburb include Pollock Beach and Hobie Beach, which are both extremely popular. The Indian Ocean waters are far warmer than those of the Atlantic Ocean, making the swimming conditions in Port Elizabeth ideal, even when the weather begins to cool down for autumn. Surfers love the varied surfing conditions of these beaches, as they are suitable for pros and novices alike.




Summerstrand is also known for being the home of the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Centre. This complex boasts a huge variety of restaurants, ranging from family hotspots (like Wimpy, Steers, Dulcé Café and The Spur) to more formal options (like Squires). There is an African market that sells a range of mementoes, clothing, shoes, accessories, and goods for the home. There are also adventure shops, boutiques, jewellers and more at The Boardwalk. The casino is sizeable and provides the full range of tables and machines for the dedicated gambler or those just wanting to have a little fun. It is tastefully decorated, reflecting the glitz and glamour of a Vegas hotspot without negotiating on class and style. The bowling alley remains a firm favourite of the Boardwalk, as do the pool tables right next door.


The Summerstrand Village Shopping Centre is a small, but inclusive, mall that is conveniently situated for locals and visitors alike. Banks, a Pick ‘n Pay, post office, chemist, coffee shop, restaurant, take-away outlets, boutiques and more all ensure that this is a one-stop-shop for those in the area.


Hobie Beach is not only popular for its idyllic water and white sand. There is also a grassy picnic spot, rock pools in which little ones can play more safely, and a complex of restaurants, bars and an ice cream shop. Whether you are looking for a tasty treat from KFC, a reasonably priced meal from Angelo’s or a more sophisticated meal at Blue Waters Café, all of these options promise gorgeous views of the sea as well as of Shark Rock Pier, which takes one right into the ocean for magnificent views. Barney’s is a popular bar, with a deck overlooking the ocean and a laid-back atmosphere.


The famous Cape Recife Lighthouse is right on the outskirts of Summerstrand. This lighthouse is over 130 years old and is part of a larger reserve. The walk through the reserve is simply beautiful. Look out for bottlenose dolphins (especially in the morning and late afternoon) as well as whales during the period of July to December.

The Sukume Museum in Port Elizabeth

The Sukume Museum and Xhosa Culture Centre is an unassuming little treasure nestled behind the massive Walmer Township of Port Elizabeth. It may be small and basic, but that does not mean that what is inside is not fascinating and fun for young and old alike. In fact, the humble exterior belies the intriguing experience beyond the doors.


The purpose of this facility is primarily to uplift the local community, giving people (especially mothers) the opportunity to improve their own lives, gain training and educate their children. The attached primary school is, therefore, of utmost importance to the local families, many of whom cannot afford school fees. Therefore, the goods that are available at this museum (arts, crafts, clothing and accessories) have all been made by these children’s mothers, and the proceeds go towards the education of the little ones. Read more

Walking Hogsback

Hogsback is a tiny village in the mountains of the Eastern Cape, known for its distinctive magical quality. In fact, many restaurants, guesthouses providing accommodation in Hogsback and homes are littered with artwork of fairies, dragons and other mystical creatures, giving the entire area a somewhat ethereal quality.


Set amongst the mountains, forests and deep valleys of the inland, Hogsback offers spectacular views at just about every turn. These are best enjoyed on walks and hikes through the surrounding countryside. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air and cool down in one of the mountain streams or waterfalls, while immersing yourself in the unspoilt tranquillity and beauty of this scenic escape.


There are a number of defined trails in and around the village of Hogsback. Some of the most popular include …


Hogsback Trails


Read more

The Top Tourists Attractions of the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Province of South Africa boasts some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the country, thanks to its maintaining a relatively unspoilt characteristic. These include magnificent stretches of coastline and safe swimming beaches. The landscape showcases mountains, valleys, forests and plains, all of which are home to a unique combination of fauna and flora.


The climate of this part of South Africa is particularly temperate. Summers are hot and slightly humid, while winters are cool, but mild. Summer highs seldom exceed 32 degrees Celsius, while winter daytime lows usually hover around 15 to 18 degrees along the coast. Inland, however, winter snows are occasionally experienced, and summers can become significantly warmer. Read more

Top 6 Reasons to visit the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Province of South Africa has so many fun and exciting things to do and see. Here are our top six reasons to visit this unforgettable province:


Elephant in Addo


1.    Natural Wealth

The Eastern Cape has been blessed with breath-taking stretches of coastline, dense forests, rolling hills, and unspoilt grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see. Many of these are occupied by wildlife that ranges from the Big 5 (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos) to the tiniest of birds and insects. These can be enjoyed in the countryside surrounding the major towns or in formal nature reserves. Read more

Hopewell Cycling Trails in Port Elizabeth

Hopewell trails

Port Elizabeth is fast becoming one of the best cycling cities in the country, with a number of fabulous trails in and around the major urban areas of the Friendly City. Due to the varied terrain, these trails present a combination of hills, steep ravines, rocky sections and easy-riding stretches that show off the stunning landscape and Eastern Cape vegetation. This province is also known for its temperate weather conditions; with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.


Hopewell Conservation Estate is a nature reserve and a housing estate situated along old Cape Road in Greenbushes (near St Albans). This means that it is only a few minutes from the city centre, while still being nestled within the unspoilt serenity of the bushveld. It has been designed to be the homely retreat for busy professionals and community leaders that appreciate the beauty and tranquillity of the Eastern Cape countryside. Read more

Cinsta: A vacation in rural South Africa.


After a 15 hour drive from Cape Town my family and I arrived in Cinsta in South Africa’s Ciskei.  The sun had already set by the time we arrived and we checked into our resort.  The resort itself was nothing to write home about; in fact it was crummy, quite old and stank of smoke.  I was too tired to be bothered but in the morning when I walked out onto the balcony, I was greeted with the aroma of coffee and a canopy of trees and green bushes which formed a blanket all around our cottage.  I could spot a corner of the ocean in the distance and one rooftop sticking out through the green sea.


It was the perfect to sit, sip your coffee and wait to see monkeys with blue balls jumping through the trees and stop to watch us.  As soon as we were out the resort, you could turn and walk right down onto the beach which unfolded for miles to the left banked by tall sand dunes and all the way to the right before sand dunes and a river came into view. My husband and I found a deserted kayak beside the river and decided it must’ve been Buccaneers’’ backpackers.  We assumed they wouldn’t mind and set off paddling slowly inland.  The river took us past a proud eagle perched atop a tree waiting for his moment to dive for a fish.  Waders made their way along the edge dipping their long legs into the mud and looking for food.   We floated over shallow sandbanks and past closed up holiday homes.  All about us the hills of Eastern Cape vegetation unfolded before us.  The deeper into the ravine we paddled, the less we could hear the ocean.  All we heard were birds who seemed totally oblivious to us. Read more

Surfing in Jeffery’s Bay

Surfing in Jeffreys Bay

Scant kilometres from PE and nestled in the province of the Eastern Cape, J-Bay is the small seaside town that has captured every surfer’s heart. The image’s, first brought back, from 1966’s “The Endless Summer” and countless films since have whispered hope and magic into the hearts and minds of even the most novice board-riders.


The rolling swell, being conceived in the deep of the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans, travels thousands of kilometres before they bend around the entrance to the bay at Cape St Francis. When, finally visible to the human eye, standing atop the wooden walkway & facing the ocean, with the North-Westerly wind blowing steadily against your back you bear witness to one of the most magnificent right-hand point break waves that this world has to offer. Welcome to Supertubes, J-BayRead more

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