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Wild Coast WildRun, Kei Mouth, Wild Coast

Wild Coast Wild Run

A three-day trail run for a limited number of people, the Wild Coast Wild Run is regarded by those who run it as so much more than ‘just’ a trail run. The event has been running since 2009 and explores the isolated beauty of the Transkei beaches, its green rolling hills, and the friendly nature of the locals.

It’s marketed as a three-day boutique running holiday in the midst of unfenced coastal paradise.

The event usually covers the distance between Kei Mouth and Hole-in-the-Wall, an unmarked route of 112 km divided into daily distances of 44.2 km, 35.2 km and 34 km over a mixed terrain of beach, grassy headlands, coastal forest and rock. There are a few river crossings thrown in for good measure (yes, you will need to swim).

2017 is the first year in which prize money is awarded to the first male and female to break the records of the Wild Coast WildRun.

Wildrun doesn’t only explore the Wild Coast. There are other Wildruns in the remote mountains of Lesotho, the Richtersveld desert, and the bushveld of Mapungubwe. Each is a unique experience, and limited to 80 runners. There are daily cut-off times.

The WildRuns usually sell out in under 10 minutes, and are considered one of the best trail running events in South Africa.

Your fee includes a map with clearly marked check points, rendezvous points and features along the route.

R250 000 has gone to local schools and orphanages in the areas of WildRuns as a result of the runs.