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Top 6 Reasons to visit the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Province of South Africa has so many fun and exciting things to do and see. Here are our top six reasons to visit this unforgettable province:


Elephant in Addo


1.    Natural Wealth

The Eastern Cape has been blessed with breath-taking stretches of coastline, dense forests, rolling hills, and unspoilt grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see. Many of these are occupied by wildlife that ranges from the Big 5 (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos) to the tiniest of birds and insects. These can be enjoyed in the countryside surrounding the major towns or in formal nature reserves.


2.    The Holiday Vibe

Because the Eastern Cape remains relatively quiet in terms of tourism, it is a fabulous retreat for busy travellers. Out of peak summer season and in the smaller towns, accommodation is almost always available. Even during the popular months of December and January, visitors will likely find last-minute accommodation, even if not right in the heart of the urban hubs.


3.    Friendly People

Port Elizabeth is a major metropolis in the Eastern Cape, and has been dubbed “The Friendly City” for its warm welcome and hospitable folk. Do not be surprised if locals strike up conversation just about anywhere. This sets the scene for a relaxing, fun time in a destination that will soon feel like home away from home.


4.    Pocket-friendly

The Eastern Cape is known for its economic status. Popular attractions, activities and holiday accommodation in the Eastern Cape tends to be less expensive here than in other parts of the country. This makes it especially suitable for families or large groups of friends that are travelling on a shoestring.


5.    Rural Charm

Unlike many other places in South Africa, which are developed and modern, large parts of the Eastern Cape retain their rural allure. Hill upon rolling hill is decked with mud huts, vegetable gardens, livestock and families working outside. In these areas, formal accommodation and tourist facilities are few and far between. However, camping and backpacking amenities are present in most regions and are, probably, the best way to enjoy these untouched vistas.


6.    Corporate Amenities

Big cities in the Eastern Cape, like Port Elizabeth (and its nearby Uitenhage) and East London, are home to massive companies and industrial giants. In fact, Nelson Mandela Bay alone is the address of Volkswagen South Africa. So, international businessmen and -women are invited to this province for corporate purposes.

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