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The Friendly N6

Tiffindell Ski Resort

Known as the Friendly N6, this motorway transports visitors to another world – one of untouched beauty and out-of-the-way intrigue. There are a number of towns, natural gems and fun activities along the way, many of which immerse the N6 travellers into the real wonders of South Africa.


Outdoor activities are particularly popular along this route, since it is so varied and spectacular. The most popular of these include fly-fishing in cold trout streams, hiking, abseiling, horse riding, cycling, and even skiing at Tiffindell (the only ski resort in all of Southern Africa). Those who appreciate culture cannot miss the historical towns of Aliwal North, Rhodes and Lady Grey. Aliwal North is also home to hot springs, which are just what the doctor ordered for tired travellers escaping the chaos of city living. Lady Grey also boasts fossil trails that tell the story of humankind generations back.


Ben Macdhui is the highest peak in the Eastern Cape at 3 001 metres. Hiking it is challenging, but extremely rewarding. Snow is the norm in winter, but can occur all year round.


On an exploration of South Africa, it is essential that you not miss the opportunity to see the N6 and all the hidden treasures that it boasts.

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